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Today I am at the NAFB National Convention and Trade Talk in Kansas City, MO.  I have had the privilege of interviewing some of the biggest names in agriculture. One organization in particular, the National Bison Association, gave me some amazing information.

The National Bison Association represents over 1,000 producers all around the country, small and large farms alike.  Their goal is to encourage meeting your local farmer at the farmer’s market and restoring bison to the range.

In comparison to beef, bison is very similar in taste.  It is fantastic for the health conscious diet.  Bison also give birth to twice as many calves in their lifetime in comparison to cattle.  Bison prefer to be left alone when in labor, there is no such thing as “pulling a cal!” in the bison industry, unless the calf or mother is dying.  They are also low maintenance, bison do not require the antibiotic and vaccination usage that cattle do.  Bison producers prefer to adhere to “survival of the fittest.” They want their herds hearty, healthy and able to survive alone on the range.  Farmers and ranchers want the strongest genetics and the strongest herds.

Consumers love the idea of bison due to their heritage of a wild west range animal.  “If you serving bison, don’t worry about dinner conversation, it’ll take care of itself!”

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Tiffany Faughn, Trade Talk Social Media Corp Member