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I have recently experienced the honor of being selected by Farm Credit to attended the NAFB Trade Talk event on November 13-14 in Kansas City, MO.  To say I’m excited about this event and being chosen to represent Farm Credit would be an understatement.  I’m ecstatic!  I will be part of a student lead social media group that will broadcast and share the event via social media.


Trade Talk is part of NAFB’s (National Association of Farm Broadcasters) national convention.  Companies in the agriculture industry will have the opportunity to obtain a booth at the event.  These companies will send communications staff to be interviewed by broadcasters that will then air/relay the interviews to the public.  This event provides a fantastic opportunity for companies to share and talk about hot topics that are important to their company.  The event lasts a little over six hours and is a frenzy of  interviewing and broadcasting.


This event is called Trade Talk because it is not a normal convention.  There is little, if any, brand and product promotion involved.  The event is strictly about communicating and relaying important agriculture topics, specific to that company.

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