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Every morning I start my day with a cup of coffee as I sit with my laptop browsing the Internet.  The usual routine is Facebook, Twitter, the news, the Weather Channel, etc.  Since I am an agriculture student and very interested in the “going-on’s” of the industry I follow several agriculture related website on Facebook and Twitter.

This morning my attention was drawn to a post by the U.S. Farmers & Ranchers Alliance about GMOs.  http://www.fooddialogues.com/foodsource/how-does-biotechnology-differ-from-other-plant-breeding-techniques  I read the article then braced myself for the comments….  GMOs are a hot topic in the agriculture industry and among consumers in general.  It seems people either LOVE GMOs or HATE them with a vengeance.  I feel like I can say that the majority of the people who commented on this post were people who hated GMOs.  Now it wasn’t so much that they hated GMOs that got me, but rather how badly they put down agriculture as a whole.  Then one comment really hit home and stung a little bit.  The commenter said how agriculture communications majors or degree holders should not be writing these kinds of articles.  That the article was drab, boring, and nothing but facts.  He believed someone who did not have an ag degree should be writing unbiased articles.

I am here to address not the topic of GMOs in this post, but rather the topic of agriculture majors/degree holders writing agriculture articles.  I feel like someone who is an expert or very knowledgeable in a field of study has the right to write about and hold conversations about that field of study.  In America around 2% of the population is directly involved in agriculture.  THAT IS WHY IT IS SO IMPORTANT THAT AGRICULTURISTS TELL THEIR STORY and write about hot topics in agriculture.  Being an agriculture student I will be the first person to tell you that my professors stress an unbiased education full of FACTS.  The majority of the population depends on us to relay to them what is going on in the agriculture industry and to straighten out misrepresentation (like the Chipotle add).  That being said, as experts in our area of study a little bit of respect goes a long way, we’re just trying to feed the world.