This past week Lynzee Glass, from Ozark Farm and Neighbor, presented to my PR in Agriculture class. She shared with us her companies journey with social media through the years.

Ozark Farm and Neighbor utilizes Facebook and Twitter for their company. They started Facebook in 2007. Initially the company owner was not keen on the idea of Facebook. Some people still look at Facebook as only a social website, instead of a way to market to people while they are casually scrolling through their news feed. After convincing their boss that Facebook would benefit the company and profit them in some ways, they began their social media journey. The Facebook page was not kept very well up to date when Lynzee joined their team. Since then, however, they have grown to almost daily posts and they now have Twitter.

Social media has changed their business by allowing them to post breaking news and press releases immediately. Ozark Farm and Neighbor is a three week paper, so if they wait to share important information until the paper comes out, it is often old news. Social media eliminates this hurdle by allowing readers to keep up to date on current events through Facebook and Twitter. They post photos, OFN articles and community events as well.